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Welcome to Broadway

Our mission is to enable persons to encounter the living God, as disclosed through Jesus Christ; to serve and celebrate God in an ever-changing society.

The congregation of Broadway Christian Church proclaims that we are a place of welcome to all, regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, marital status, physical or mental ability, political stance, socioeconomic background, criminal history, or theological perspective. We welcome all to this congregation, to Christ's table, and to service within the church. We recognize the faith, baptism and spiritual gifts of all Christians and those yearning to know Christ and celebrate that we are all children of God, striving to do God's will.

Broadway Christian Church is an open and affirming place for all God's children.

The Christian Church - Disciples of Christ

The {Un}Series
We tend to rally around the concept of Sermon Series for our methodology of infusing our worshipping community with the Gospel. A series is a collection of several sermons that are connected by a common theme. Each sermon of the series guides the community down a new tributary of discovery while remaining connected and returning to the river that first started the adventure.
We are flipping the script with this collection of sermons landing under the title, “UN-Series.” While offered consecutively and under the same series name, the “UN” component is the rebellion of having no other explicit connection between each message. With so many special occasions during this season, each Sunday will carry a unique joy and meaning that is deserving of its own unique focus. As rebellious as this may seem, life is always connected, and we invite you to join the quest each week to discover the un-word that is lifted, tethering our Un-Series together week-to-week. So… enjoy the rebellion and join the quest for these eight weeks of discovery and celebration of baptisms, sacred holidays, some unique voices, and passion that will certainly inspire all who gather. Welcome to the UN-series.     

Sunday, May 22
“{UN} Series: No Scrubs”
Acts 16:9-15

Theme Verse: “And she prevailed upon us.” (Acts 16:15b)
Synopsis: It was ´90s R&B group, TLC that told us a “scrub,” also known as a “busta” was someone always talking about what he wanted but never doing anything about it. Long before T-Box, Left Eye, and Chilli brought this to the forefront of pop culture, cattle were paraded before a “Court of Bovine Justice” to determine whether a bull should be deemed a pure bred or a scrub. Scrub Bulls were discarded as worthless. In that same timeframe, “Historians estimate that more than 60,000 Americans were sterilized in the decades leading up to the Second World War, with many more persecuted under racist immigration laws and marriage restrictions.” It seems humans have long wanted to determine who is pure and who is not. The early church faced these same dilemmas as the movement found its way into Gentile (read Scrub) territory. What transpired was enlightening. Can it enlighten us still?

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Broad Values Graphics Accessibility SurveyCongregational Survey
on Accessibility
Five minutes - Big Help!
The Every Ability Flouishes Action Team is dedicated to creating a congregation where every person and every gift can thrive. To this end, we've developed a survey that all who enter Broadway Christian Church are recognized, valued, supported, and belong. 
Thank you for your input.
VBS Volunteer Extravaganza
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Saturday, May 21 - 9 a.m. to Noon
in fellowship hall
ukraine handWelcome the Stranger
Sunday, May 22
10:10 a.m. - in the Loft
during the discipleship hour
A conversation with Broadway Christian Church's own Gloria Beranek
on her work with Ukrainian and Russian Refugees in the Czech Republic
Everyone is invited to join Gloria Beranek for a moderated conversation and Q/A on her work with Ukrainian and Russian refugees.  A dual-citizen of the United States is and the  Czech Republic, Gloria’s work teaching English to migrants and refugees in the Czech Republic has put her in touch with the human realities surfacing in Eastern Europe. Using stories and personal experience, Gloria will offer a unique perspective on life amidst the conflict.

Seasoned Spirits Next Meeting in May

The next Seasoned Spirits luncheon will be May 26.  Catered by Big  Mama’s with a field trip following lunch in the fellowship hall to the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture at the Farmers Market. Watch for your invitation
by May 19 in "Broadway Weekly."
Reservations must be turned in by Monday evening, May 23.

Summer Pathways 22 - Revised by Casey

Anim_SpecialNeedsAll God's Children
is taking place with
in-person Sunday School

All God's Children is an adapted Sunday School and worship program for children and youth with disabilities and their families, who might not be abe to otherwise participate in the ongoing spiritual life of the congregation. We utilize accessible curriculum while parents participate in the
Contempoary Worship at 11:15 a.m.

AGC clss will be held in the Christian Life Center on the mezzanine level (turn right from the elevator, and it is the last classroom on the right).

Contact Crystal Harrison if you'd like to be added to the
All God's Children email list. 

Sundays in the LoftMay graphic

We continue to track
with the sermon series.

Helping Teens
UNderstand news ways
of dealing with faith.


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Rides to Church 

Another Ministry of Carelink 
Broadway's Broad Hearts and Broad Reach have offers rides to Sunday worships to o the edlerly and homeboud.

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if you are interested in providing a ride.

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Email LuciFichter75@gmail.com 
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Spring is here! For Broadway's 8 a.m. worship "Daybreakers," that means
it's time to start planning outdoor worship.

Please check your "Daybreak in the Loop" email on Fridays tor the tinal call. If you would like to be added to the Daybreak email list, please contact Ed Varnum by clicking HERE



COVID Protocols @ Broadway
If we've learned anything these past two years, it's the way flexibility. Between surges and variants, we've ridden as best we can the COVID waves that have paused, cancelled, and/or shifted plans more often than we'd like. We celebrate that the most recent COVID surge is subsiding and fewer in our community are ill these days. Even so, we trust one another with our greatest compassion and care as we gather to continue life together as a faith family. 


If you are feeling ill in any way, it is best to choose our virtual options for worship until you are symptom free. We love that this option exists and give thanks for our tech team that makes it possible! Otherwise, our in-person experiences continue to grow and thrive, and we would love for you to join us. We honor and respect your calculation of risk as you partake in worship and other in-person programs and experiences at this time.  

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