Broadway Christian Church
Welcome to Broadway
Our mission is to enable persons to encounter the living God, as disclosed through Jesus Christ; to serve and celebrate God in an ever-changing society.

The congregation of Broadway Christian Church proclaims that we are a place of welcome to all, regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, marital status, physical or mental ability, political stance, socioeconomic background, criminal history, or theological perspective. We welcome all to this congregation, to Christ's table, and to service within the church. We recognize the faith, baptism and spiritual gifts of all Christians and those yearning to know Christ and celebrate that we are all children of God, striving to do God's will.

Broadway Christian Church is an open and affirming place for all God's children.

To Our Beloved Community,
We pray this time finds you well in body, mind, and spirit. In our holdings of all that is required of us in this time of unprecedented risk, we are suspending our services and building use through March 31. 
We are conditioned to being in fellowship together, and while we know our prayers join those of the world for the health of all during this viralpandemic, we have the longing to lift our voices together in worship. 
As we navigate the distancing that is both socially and sacredly responsible, we want to share opportunities to be of like mind, heart, and voice, as we pray and sing at the hours that we have become accustomed to as a Broadway Family. Please tune in via our YouTube Channel (linked via email to our general church list and social media outlets). It can also be found here:
  • Wednesdays, 5:30 p.m.: Vespers (virtually)
  • Sundays, 10:30 a.m.: Combined Worship (virtually)
Our deepest prayer is that in the ache for the physical closeness to one another, there will be a balm to soothe us in lifting a simultaneous heart to God through our faith in Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit. The messages will be there for those who want to revisit or experience them even after the set hour has passed.

We recognize the Church is a body of care for each other which broadens this new reality of isolation in an incredible way. We are working to mobilize teams who might be available to serve the most vulnerable in our community and also create ways for all of us to be the Church dispersed.

CareLink Ministry is already set up to make phone calls, write cards, and offer "handy helper" support to our community in greatest need. With all our church family needing connection, we know the need of those willing to call and write cards will increase. We imagine our "handy helper" ministry as a team that might mobilize those able to get out, grocery shop, and make deliveries to those who cannot. We know there will be needs, and restrictions, that we don't know about even yet and will be flexible in this season as to how we can meet growing needs. If you have interest in serving in this way, please contact:
We give thanks for your ongoing financial gifts which vitally support the ministry of the church. If you have a REALM account (our membership database accessible from the "giving" tab on our church website), you can give gifts electronically. If you don't have a REALM account, and would like to make a gift electronically, simply choose the Text To Give option through your cell phone.  You may also mail your tithes and offerings to the church. Limited staff will continue access to the building on a daily basis and will collect offerings in that way. For information about giving, please contact Ingrid Luckenbill 
Please watch for ongoing communication via email, website, and social media outlets. We know in this ever-changing time, communication is more important than ever. Our prayers carry us into this unknown time where we operate with caution, not fear. May the Holy hold us close and our reach widen in new ways.
Your Broadway Staff Team


Contagious Love Devotions
During this time of social distancing and when we are "doing church"
in new and exciting ways, our ministers and elders
are sharing a daily devotional to assist us in being healthy
in body, mind, and spirit.
Click on each days' devotional for a lift for you. 
Certainly direct your family and friends to this site to share that lift.

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All groan Up color       
Sixth Sunday of Lent
Palm Sunday
April 5, 2020

 All Groan Up: Culmination
     John 12:12-19



"The Pharisees took one look and threw up their hands: 'It's out of control. The world's in a stampede for him'." (John 12:19)

It is often in hindsight that we say, "That's when everything changed." The tension may be building and the proverbial "writing may be be on the wall" but until that culminating moment comes, it's hard to know how it will all go down. Palm Sunday marks such a moment of culmination for Jesus. The crowds cheer initially but the mood swings quickly. What do you do in the wake of such moments? Fight? Flee? Serve? Jesus certainly points us in a particular direction.

Join us in worship, temporarily, online at 10:30 a.m., Sundays at 



Habitat Sale Postponed

Due to the current COVID-19 Emergency,
the annual BCC Sale has been postponed.
A new date will be announced on the other side of the crisis.

Keep collecting your "gifts" for the sale
that will help make it the best sale ever. 

Are You Aware?
Perhaps you are not aware that you can connect with 
worship materials each week by clicking on SERMONS
in the left column of this website.
You will find several weeks of worship
in printed, video, and audio formats.
It is an excellent opportunity to share
worship in our faith community with others 
and to receive a personal blessing again
or for the first time.