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Broadway Christian Church

Welcome to Broadway!

Broadway Christian Church is a faith community affiliated with the Disciples of Christ and is located in Columbia, Missouri. With six different worship experiences, Christian education, small groups for all ages, a lively sense of community, and a heart for mission, Broadway is a treasure waiting to be discovered. 



Worship Series Info

Worship Series - “One-Hit Wonders”

July 13 – August 31, 2014

Some artists have only one "hit" to their credit that tops the charts. Aside from that one hit, we never hear from them again. The same is true of all of us non-musicians. We also may have just one great moment that is calling out, one great moment among the many moments, a moment waiting for us to seize it. In the ways of the Spirit, this may be a great eruption in life, a moment of super intensity in which everything is possible. And one hit wonders are great not only because they are quality. No; what makes them outstanding is the fact that they are rare. You don't see or hear or taste that every day. It's a hit that came only once. It retains its classic status, as a wonder precisely because it only happens once.

During a period of eight weeks, we are pairing one-hit wonders, known to many, with Scriptures and themes familiar to most. We expect something special to come about in that rich intersection. We hope you will, too.


Sunday Morning Message

August 3
Mr. Big Stuff
James 2:1-8

Do you live your life preoccupied with status, fame, and power? Is your modus operendi always seeking ways to move you to the top? If so, where does that place you in relationship with your God and your neighbor?

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Mid-America
Regional Assembly
"Be the Change"

October 10-12, 2014
St. Louis, Missouri

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