About Broadway

A congregation is made up of its history, vision, commitments and practices. All of those things combined have created our Broadway story, what we call the Broadway Spirit. We live out our faith individually and in community through a series of specific and concrete practices, something we call the Eight Keys of Discipleship.  

To understand our core Disciples of Christ beliefs, you can read the Preamble to the Design of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). While this is not a creed or a litmus test of faith, it is in the form of a confession that summarizes what we cherish most as a people. Within the Disciples communion, each congregation also has its own distinctive personality and calling, something expressed in our Broadway Mission Statement.  Our 2020 Vision offers ideas to carry us toward the future.

There is so much to learn about a new family of faith. To this end, we hope some of your questions will be answered through our Frequently Asked Questions.