Broadway Church Staff
Nick Larson, Minister
Terry Overfelt, Minister
Ingrid Luckenbill, Church Administrator
Debby Graham, Coordinator of Outreach Ministry
Jay Dudley, Facilities Superintendent
Aimee McBride, Coordinator of Children's Ministry
Debbie Rauch, Children's Ministry Admin. Assistant
Taby Lane, Coordinator of Youth Ministry and Worship Technology
Laura Huntley, Coordinator of All God's Children
John Rawlings, Director of Daybreak Worship Music
Nollie Moore, Director of Traditional Music
Deb Carr, Organist and Traditional Worship Music Coordinator
Kristi Larsen, Pianist
Leslie Robb LeSieur: Finance / Program Assistant
Nautica Varnum, Audio Technician
Emma Azdell, Youth Intern
Rachel Marshall, Youth Intern
Last Published: October 23, 2018 12:21 PM