Growing Our Faith

Life is a journey, as it has been said, and more specifically, life is a spiritual journey. This means that we, who are created by God, in God’s image, are unfolding toward God our whole life long. The way in which we do that, pursue that, encourage that, is the business of the church, and we at Broadway believe that spiritual formation best takes place in a multi-generational community, informed by the traditions, wisdom, and practices that have aided souls in that spiritual journey for centuries.

Since the journey never ends, our program of spiritual formation begins in childhood and continues through our years of great maturity. The congregation becomes a spiritual arena for teaching and learning, exploration and discovery, growing and changing, and equipping persons for life and ministry.

Our opportunities for Christian growth include a dedicated Sunday morning education hour for all ages and mid-week small groups with various purposes and study content. In addition, we offer periodic forums and special studies throughout the year. Special groups exist for youth, college students, and older adults.

As a way to help people who are new to the congregation navigate the waters of Broadway, we provide a spectrum of short opportunities that introduce people to the life and mission of the church. Disciples 101 introduces people to the Disciples of Christ movement, its history, beliefs and practices. Broadway 201 shares the mission and practices of Broadway Christian Church. The Eight Keys defines and encourages our distinctive Christian practices of the faith. Our Life Focus workshop helps people identify and employ their own gifts for ministry. 

No spiritual life would be complete without the rich resources of prayer and meditation and to this end our Prayer Team encourages the life of the spirit by providing time and resources that encourage the personal and collective walk with God.