Adult Growth Ministry


Adult Education opportunities include a series of Sunday morning classes that meet at the dedicated Christian education hour (10:10 a.m.). Adult Classes Are - 

In addition, a variety of mid-week, Small Groups meet throughout the year. Some of these are “covenant” groups where one commits to regular attendance over a designated period of time. These are customarily closed until the agreed commitment time elapses. Others are fluid and open, providing more flexibility with people coming and going. Small Groups Are -

Seasoned Spirits is our fellowship group for mature adults in the congregation, and it meets monthly for lunch and program. In addition, Seasoned Spirits frequently takes short trips of interest and inspiration. 

Men and Women both have Annual Retreats, traditionally taking place in February. The Women’s Retreat is an overnight experience that is held out of town at a retreat center. The Men’s Retreat has been both a one-day event that takes place at the church or an overnight experience at a retreat center.

For more information about any of these please contact John DeLaporte.






Last Published: August 27, 2021 9:07 PM