Youth of Broadway

Youth of Broadway is our dynamic exciting youth program. Hosted in the refurbished, original sanctuary, now called the Loft, our program centers around walking alongside 6th–12th grade students, helping them to develop and deepen their faith in Christ. This happens through Wednesday Night Youth Groups, Sunday mornings, youth bells, music groups, special events, our annual mission trip, and whatever else we can use to deepen our faith.


Sunday School
During the dedicated Christian education hour at 10:10 a.m., Youth Sunday School is about exploration, not indoctrination. We are using a new curriculum called re:form, which is a completely-fresh approach to youth ministry. It trusts youth to wrestle with the historic Christian faith and theology. re:form features hilarious, animated, short films that frame the theological questions youth really ask. Along with the video, we engage our students in activities that warm up our bodies and our minds to think theologically. Students will have fun, gain new insights, and leave each week challenged to think in socially-responsible ways, as they make decisions and interact with others.

At Broadway Youth, we split our group into two classes: 6th-8th graders are downstairs in the Loft, while our high school students meet upstairs. Our 9-12th graders explore the biblical narrative together to find themselves in God's story. We use the Echo the Story curriculum from Sparkhouse, which focuses on creativity, storytelling, reflection, and dialogue. It traces from creation to the formation of the church through Scripture.  

Wednesday Night Live
Youth Group at Broadway meets on Wednesday nights from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and is typically one of the biggest and one of the most essential parts of our ministry, and we hope that youth from 6th through 12th grade will join us. Things kick off at 6 p.m. gathering around the dinner table together. With our youth group program, we focus on five main values: fun, connection, growth, celebration, and service! Here is why:

When a student walks into the LOFT we want them to enjoy themselves, to smile, to have a good time, and to feel comfortable bringing their whole selves. We try to accomplish that through crazy games, weekly gym games, space to chill, hilarious videos, or a simple Christmas movie night watching Elf. We want students to feel at home in church, be with friends, make memories, and have a good time. So while we start with fun and games, other values quick rise to the top.

We want each student that walks into the LOFT to feel known and valued. We want them to know that they have people that care about them and notice when they don’t come. To achieve this, we use caring adults and college student leaders. Every week, before, after, and even during Youth Group, there are opportunities to meet new people and help know that they belong here. So while we want their experience of church to be fun, we make sure to provide a loving Christian community. This extends to weekly High School Small groups on Sunday nights.

We bring awesome messages geared specifically for the lives of students. Our youth group aims to help students learn how to study their Bible, to apply the Bible to their everyday life, and to personally follow in the way of Christ. We do topics teenagers love to talk about – sex, friendships, parents, stress – and tackle the tough topics that people often avoid and show students what God has to say about them, too.

Lead by our college band Highrise, we use monthly youth-centered worship to help students really understand God’s love for them and the power of Christ in a way that’s different than someone simply speaking. If you come to one of our services, you’ll see a vibrate and passionate community of students expressing their love for Jesus and dedication to Him through song, communion, and prayer.

We want our students to not just know about Christ but to experience him and share him in the community. Christ promises to meet us when we serve the least of these, so we build regular service nights that plants seeds for larger trip experiences. This is everything from 'gleaning' (picking) corn to be distributed through the food pantry, to helping set up for Room at the Inn. These are expanded in annual MS and HS mission trip opportunities.

We hope that the environment we create in our ministry clearly communicates to students that no matter where they are on their walk with God, they feel welcomed and loved when they walk into youth group. 

Trips and Special Events
Be on the lookout for many Youth of Broadway special events. Annual events include a Back-2-School Party, Lock-ins, Girls Retreat, Boys Retreat, Puppet Ministry, Youth Sunday, Six Flags trips, Youth Make a Difference Day, High School Senior Recognition Luncheon, and our annual summer Mission Trip.

Last Published: October 19, 2019 12:24 AM