Traditional at 9 a.m.
When you arrive in our beautiful, contemporary sanctuary for the Traditional worship, what you may first notice is a sense of reverence, the attitude that we are in sacred space and time. And how would you sense that? Through the worshipful attitude of the people, of course, but also the moving sounds of our pipe organ or one of our instrumentalists. You might come to sense a heightened feeling of reverence through the procession of our choir, the majesty of classic hymns, the elegance of prayers, or the poignancy of a carefully prepared and inspiring message.
Our traditional worship always has room for children – both in a special time for them we call Young Disciples, but also through our inclusion of them in the worshipping community. In fact, we strive to include children and youth in every aspect of our worship life, whether that is in reading the Scripture lesson, serving as a deacon, or singing in a special musical ensemble.
Speaking of sacred music, it has always been a Broadway high priority. We know that music stirs the soul and sacred music – ancient and modern – expresses the faith of the whole community. The musical mainstay of our traditional worship is the Chancel Choir, a committed group of worship leaders who lead the congregation in hymnody and share special anthems that are carefully selected with attention to the season and themes of the day. They are joined by other ensembles that add further texture and beauty to the service – handbells and children’s choirs. And because the relevancy is found in both ancient and modern forms, our hymnody and messages include both tradition and current influences on the arts and our messages.
The center of our worship is always the Lord’s Table, and you are invited to join us, gathering around the open table of Christ together in an unbroken chain of faith through the centuries up unto this present moment!
Last Published: November 16, 2018 8:29 AM