Contemporary at 11:15 a.m.
Energy. That’s what it is. Energy and creativity. And you can feel the surge of Spirit through our Contemporary worshipping community. We are not like many of the formulaic contemporary services you’ll find out there. Why? Because we intentionally combine ancient wisdom and themes from Scripture with an eclectic adaptation of music, prayers, the arts, a relevant, message and compelling visual images. The children and youth are always present because they belong. And our musical ensemble brings us a musical offering each and every week that is both inspiring and provocative.
Whereas some approaches to worship place their focus on the mystery of a God that is transcendent, beyond us, our contemporary worship is preoccupied with the Spirit that is present among us. That’s why there is such an exuberant expression of community. You can feel the warmth. And that sense of radical inclusion and hospitality permeates our sacred space.
As opposed to singing from a standard hymnal, we project our words on screens. We like it this way, because it keeps our heads out of the music, looking upward and outward. And,of course, there is more flexibility because we can choose music this is outside of our conventional hymnals.
You might think that this style of worship would just draw youth and young adults, but no! We are a multi-generational community of all ages, from children to those “full of years.” We like it that way, because faith is best shared and shaped with all the generations present. Come add yourself into the mix. You’ll feel;you’ll know the difference!
Last Published: November 16, 2018 8:25 AM