Bluegrass Service at 5:00pm

What in the world? Yes, a Bluegrass worship experience! We share it on the first Saturday of every month in the historic meetinghouse of First Christian Church in Rocheport. What’s it like? Something like this …


When you walk through the door you’ll be greeted by the sounds of banjos, fiddles, guitars and bass. The songs come out of the early frontier era, the Bluegrass tradition of the founders of our movement. We sing and sing and sing some more. The order is simple, just like it was in 1845 when the meetinghouse was built. There is some singing, some praying, some preaching and some communion. People drive in from all over and you need to come early to get a seat. Hang around afterward for the reception in the church social hall – there’s always a special treat. And because we care about what’s happening outside our doors we always receive an outreach offering that’s designated for some important charitable cause or ministry of the larger church.


People are just filled with joy at the Bluegrass worship. And of course, it’s kind of a Period service, reflecting our roots. But the message is as current as today, which is how church often flies at its best – hooked into tradition and leaning toward the future.


Some come and bring friends. Others go out to eat afterward. But no one goes away without a sense of the spirit of hope. How could you? Come join us!

Last Published: February 15, 2012 1:12 PM